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Work realized by Jean-Philippe BREIL and Mireille FABIANO.
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Looking for an editor of Artwork to publish a book concerning body painting

Cortriath, 03/2010, Fréjus
Julange, 03/2007, Fréjus
Julange blue & white
Yankee, 12/2006, Fréjus
Yankee 1, 2 & 3
Envol, 12/2001, Saint-Raphaël
Formar, Mapred, Envol, Stabat ma terre
Errance & Transe, 09/2001, Saint-Raphaël
Transe, Anthropotomie, Avulsion, Errance
Hamadryades, 05/2001, Saint-Raphaël
Hamadryades, Primal, Tribal, La danse
Empreintes, 06/2000, Saint-Raphaël
Empreintes, Klein d'oeil

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